7 seater car hire at Pisa airport

The 7-seater car can satisfy even rather particular needs as it is a vehicle that can carry a number of passengers much higher than the classic car:

It is designed for those who have to run a real shuttle service, perhaps to accompany a good number of people from the airport to a hotel, or for those who need to go to an event, an anniversary, a concert or simply for a simple outing with friends or relatives. Thanks to the additional seats that can often lower the cars, 7 seats are perfect for families, large groups, travelers with lots of luggage or for those who simply want a spacious car. The 7-seater minivan is in fact much in demand also by families that have to carry out small removals: although these vehicles are structured in such a way as to ensure efficient transport of people, their breadth is such that they can easily transport even rather bulky items. both inside the boot and directly to the passenger seats.