CAR ,VANS AND OTHER VEHICLES RENTAL RESERVATION: how to book with 4 simple steps

Book on our website the vehicle you prefer is much easier than you think! Below you will find the steps to follow to do it the quickest way!

You are on our home:

1) select FIND VEHICLES and enter the 4 required fields (place, collection date *, return date *, category)

* N.B: you can book the vehicle or return it on Sunday too! Our office is open 7 days a week

Once you have done these steps, the search button will no longer be red but green, so click on the latter to proceed with the reservation

2) select the quantity

Do you need to hire more vehicles in the period you have previously selected? With us you can do it, scroll down the drop-down menu to the right and choose the quantity you need; then continue by clicking on the green “book now” button

3) Select any extras

In this part of the booking you will have access to numerous extras that can be very useful for your rental: second driver, gps navigator, various types of child seats and more!

Take advantage now and add one or more extras to your booking, then continue by clicking on the green button at the end of the page: “go to checkout”

4) Personal information

Enter ALL fields marked with a red asterisk and choose the payment method!

Then proceed by selecting the button: go to checkout

Once you click on “go to checkout” your booking request will go through our system until you get to our operators who will respond as soon as possible by telling you if your booking has been successful