Pisa – Via dell’Aeroporto 71, 56121 Pisa

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Rent a car


The nearest car rental at Pisa airport.
Also reachable on foot!
We are just 200 meters from Galileo Galilei airport !!

The nearest car rental at Pisa airport. Also reachable on foot!
We are only 200 meters from Galileo Galileo airport to be reached on foot if you arrive with luggage, but also easy to spot if you come from the city center, MultiRENT Italy is ideal for families who land at Pisa airport charges of objects and luggage but also for elderly people (or people with walking difficulties) who need to rent a vehicle in a practical and fast way.
To reach us you do not need to take the Shuttle Bus (most of the times in the busy spring / summer) and as a result you will not even have to stand in line waiting for its passage.

How to reach us?

Once you get out of the Pisa airport, just go to the departure doors until you mark a white monument; continue towards the latter (located in the middle of a green area) and walk below the flyover just in front of it.

Here you are !!! our car hire is right after on the right.

Also if you want to reach us by car, MultiRENT Italy, is also located a short distance from the FI.PI.LI exit / entrance and Pisa Centro motorway.
Finally, for those arriving by train our car hire is easy to reach thanks to the Pisa Mover (an electric train that connects in just 2 minutes Pisa central station to the airport Galileo Galilei).
Once you arrive at our office you will find your car ready to go in front of you, equipped with any accessories you need (GPS, child seats, etc.) where required.

The secret?

Book your vehicle in advance, unmissable offers are waiting for you!


Snow coming? No problem!!

You can go safety to any destination with our vehicles equipped with winter equipment.
MultiRENT Italia makes available on all car categories (from the smallest to the most luxurious) and on minivans and vans, winter tires and snow chains.
Winter tires (or thermal tires) are suitable not only for snow; allow you to drive in full comfort on particularly cold and muddy road surfaces because they retain greater grip compared to a normal tire.
They reduce the braking distance and quickly reach the operating temperature.
They are also a valid alternative to snow chains where mandatory; in fact, for some road or motorway sections (from November 15th to April 15th of each year) there may be chains on board.
That’s why our car rental offers the latest generation of chains, simple and practical to assemble.

So if you are planning a trip and need winter tires, snow chains, or both, send us a request in advance stating which vehicle category you need to set up

MultiRENT Italia will guarantee you to drive in full comfort making your itinerary safe and fun even with the most difficult weather conditions.